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like an obsession thing...

a martine & gordy community

An Obession Thing
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a martine & gordy community
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Welcome to obsession_thing, a community dedicated to Martine and Gordy played by Kristen Stewart and Eddie Redmayne in the movie The Yellow Handkerchief. Feel free to post everything there is about these two - pictures, graphics, news, videos, fanmixes or fanfiction.

Rules for posting:

1. Please pay attention to tag your posts with the existing tags.
2. Always put spoilers behind a cut
3. Post larger pics behind a cut - one medium quality picture for preview is fine.
4. If you post graphics, put three preview images the most.

5. No bashing of any kind. Be polite - if you don´t like the characters or the actors go somewhere else.

This community is maintained by lilabut.

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